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Do I need a permission for the construction of a Kisiov prefabricated house

Posted by Anton Kisiov on 11.02.2021
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‘Do I need a permission for the construction of a Kisiov prefabricated house?’

Construction of a prefabricated house? – YES!

In the past few years, prefabricated houses have become hits due to the lack of competent workers, specialists, and masters who can construct and finish objects and various construction and assembly works.

That is why, more and more people have started preferring prefabricated houses. They are built faster and are that sustainable to time as well. The whole prefabricated house is delivered and assembled by one team, which makes it the ideal solution for your residential needs in different residential areas.

We are often asked what documents are needed for Kisiov prefabricated houses, so we would like to provide the information here. Our goal is that you receive your new house in a rapid, easy, and convenient way.

We, Prefabricated Homes Kisiov have teams for the preparation of designs before the municipality authorities, as well as construction supervision.

The approval of an investment project, the issuance of construction permits, the conclusion of a supervision agreement and copyright supervision agreements with the respective designers of prefabricated houses, the execution of the respective acts that are to be presented before the organ who has issued the construction permission of the prefabricated house, is a prerogative and obligation of the principal. The rules from the applicable legislation are within the same context too.

Under Art. 161, par. 1 of the Spatial Development Act, the principal or their attorney is the one who provides all the necessary items for each construction and assembly work for that prefabricated house. The approval of organization and administrative issues regarding each stage of construction and assembly activities of each prefabricated house is the principal’s obligation. The company may only provide the necessary assistance for the execution of the respective papers for the prefabricated house, which is required by the organ that has issued a construction permission for the prefabricate house, but not without a compensation for all the technical and organizational process connected to this.

The documents that our team of professional with all the designers’ licenses and memberships the Chamber of Bulgarian Architects and Chamber of Engineers in the Investment Design need for starting the design of a prefabricated house with fixed prices of designs for the municipality authorities  are as follows:

  1. Deed
  2. Sketch visa (issued by the Architect-surveyor of the municipality where the property of the prefabricated house is located)
  3. Output data from the energy company (data about the design)
  4. Output data from water supply and sewerage (data about the design of a prefabricated house)

Prefabricated Homes Kisiov cooperates the clients during the whole construction process if they wish so. We have a team for designing prefabricated houses with the supervision of Architect Nikolay Hristov, who competently meets all the requirements of the persons who have to approve the designs of prefabricated houses.


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