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Reasons for building a prefabricated house

Posted by Anton Kisiov on 18.03.2021
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Do you still hesitate whether to build your own home?

Neighbours above, below, noises around…, where is tranquility?

Do you still need reasons for building a prefabricated house?

According to the Eurostat data (the statistical office of the European Union), over 40% of Bulgarian citizens live in overcrowded houses. Two of five do not have their own room. The experts’ explanation about the reason why so many Bulgarians live together is connected to our finances and culture. During the past few years, the model of patriarchal family has broken. 10 years ago, 47% of Bulgarians lived in overcrowded houses. Five years later, this number is six percent lower.




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(images from BTV news)

Statistics prove the breaking of the patriarchal model. More and more young families choose to live alone, including the price of some deprivations. There is a market and cultural pressure for this to happen. Nowadays, even in Bulgaria it is becoming more and more embarrassing to live with mum and dad. Young people start going out of the country at a lower age, even for studying abroad, and they become more independent and open to the world.

Why do young people want to live separately

from their parents and to continue the tendency in the past few years?

The answer to this question is more than clear. If a young person has separated from their parents, even temporarily, the return to them becomes more difficult, even impossible. This feeling is much stronger when finding partners in life or marriage. The appearance of ‘an alien’ in the life of the grown-up child leads to serious lifestyle and social differences. Nothing actually changes for one of the members of the family, but the other one experiences the process of a long adaptation to the life of the parents-in-law. The practice shows that the cohabitation of two families under one roof is not always a good idea. The life of two generations in one household usually leads to mutual misunderstandings. The older ones think they know everything and have the absolute right to teach and give advice, with or without a reason. However, the younger ones do not like that, so they have their own view to the world.

на сглобяема къща с метална конструкция.

Панел сглобяема къща


Lifestyle inconveniences happen, such as:

When and who is the first one to go to the toilet or the bathroom in the morning; who is the chef in the kitchen – the mother-in-law or the daughter-in-law; why doesn’t the son-in-law leave his slippers on the specific place? The boy’s mother does not like the daughter-in-law, who is too lazy, according to her; while the girl’s mother makes things worse, nagging that her daughter has come upon a clumsy loser. The hostility may have different hidden reasons and may be expressed in everyday communication – in permanent dissatisfaction or even hostility from the parents. The young people have the constant feeling of emotional tension. In fact, this situation cannot be improved in any way. If the life in the parents’ house becomes impossible, this is the alarm that it is high time to have your own home.

The faster, the better for both parties.

At last, the parents will be able to get rid of the loop of attention and worries, and you – to have your own freedom from the guardianship of the old ones. Moreover, this will bring much more confidence. Just don’t forget that years fly fast and the immediate decision directly affects your meaningful personal and social life. There are several options of being independent: renting a dwelling-place (a flat in a panel block of flats or in a modern building); purchase of a ready dwelling-place (a house or a flat); purchase of a lot intended for construction.

How can Prefabricated Homes Kisiov help you?

  • Our team offers prefabricated houses with a metal structure; energy-efficient; delivery to your site; and fast installation
  • Ready designs or an option to make yours
  • Fixed prices of designs for the municipal authorities, prepared by our team of professionals of certified designers.
  • Assistance in changing the statute of an agricultural land
  • Assistance in granting a mortgage loan
  • Reliable Notary Public
  • Legal and judicial information


Family and family relations may not only treat but they may also make you sick. They are especially complicated when a few generations live together. Agreement, solidarity, and respect are easily disturbed. Keep the healthy atmosphere; provide the tranquility and independence you need. Do not delay this decision, as time flies unnoticeably fast and can lead to irreversible losses, which consequences you may regret for later.

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