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Very important stages of constructing a prefabricated house

Posted by Anton Kisiov on 23.04.2021
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In the past few years, prefabricated houses have turned into a hit among clients

on the market of properties, due to their quick construction, working with only one team, and the reliability of their execution.

In Prefabricated Homes Kisiov, we receive more and more questions connected to the working fragment pf ‘reliability’. Prefabricated Homes meet all the requirements of Bulgarian legislation and are extremely comfortable for installation of places with difficult access, anywhere.

Yet, what makes prefabricated houses reliable?

Here, we are going to emphasize on several factors:

  • Installation (assembly)
  • Experienced personnel
  • Knowledge on the elements of prefabricated houses
  • Precise installation

Сглобяеми къщи етапи на строеж

The work on Prefabricated Homes Kisiov is extremely dynamic.


We work all over Bulgaria and we cannot afford any mistakes, due to the simple reason that each mistake is very expensive plus the fact that our schedule is so loaded.

  1. Roof is the most important thing of each house. If it is metal, the installation team must check the bolt connections of the roof and the roofing of the prefabricated house very well. The construction must be ‘metal in metal’ and the metal roof of the house must be tightened well.
  2. Windows, joinery, chambers, profiles. Here, the installation of windows is of great importance – always check whether the windows of the prefabricated house can be easily opened and closed, without any problems, and whether they are tightened well.
  3. Brown or white joinery? We, Prefabricated Homes Kisiov, recommend white joinery, as the brown one attracts sunlight and run off the straight with time if the manufacturer has not put enough metal in the PVC frame of the window.
  4. If possible, choose metal gutters, as, although PVC gutters are cheaper, they can cause problems with time, as they stretch and crack.
  5. Height of the prefabricated house. If it is for permanent living and not just a villa, the construction should be higher. 2.80 m, for example.

Another frequent question is whether prefabricated houses are earthquake-resistant. Earthquake is not a criterion for the light, coldly folded metal profiles. Wind is important, so all prefabricated houses have anti-wind connections or they are calculated by a constructor in such a way as to sustain the necessary conditions in accordance with the place of installing a prefabricated house.

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