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Important facts for prefabricated houses

Posted by Anton Kisiov on 28.07.2021
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Important facts for prefabricated houses!

Prefabricated houses are widely spread in a number of countries. They need the full range of documents and a construction permit.

Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage is the significantly short term of construction; the materials are lighter; the construction, without the documents and the concrete foundation, takes no more than 25 days, with the delivery of the materials, in Prefabricated Homes Kisiov. Out houses have the same construction sustainability as conventional buildings and meet the valid construction requirements.

It is a fact that prefabricated houses hardly need any wet processes.

Prefabricated Homes Kisiov totally meet the modern requirements of fire safety, seismic sustainability, sound insulation, and heat insulation.

The construction of our energy-efficient houses use environmentally friendly materials, harmless for people. The structure of Prefabricated Homes Kisiov is metal, developed from wall panels and metal roof trusses. The wall panels consist of a supporting metal. Insulation is placed between the profiles and the panels are closed on both sides with fiber cement boards. The connections between the individual metal elements are provided by welding and bolt seams.

The constructed houses have a number of advantages.

  • quick construction
  • using organic materials
  • everything is constructed by a small team /3 – 4 people/ without the use of heavy machinery.
  • no wet processes, which do not lead to the formation of condensation.
  • Excellent heat-insulation qualities which allow the maintenance of optimal temperature in them, at a very low electric power consumption.

Важни факти за сглобяеми къщи


Prefabricated Homes Kisiov are comfortable for use and easy to service and maintain.

The choice of an option for a metal house is actually a very economical and quick solution for the housing issues. The reason for the low share of designing and construction of prefabricated houses compared to the massive residential buildings is in the conservatism of people and the poor knowledge of the new materials and technologies, as they have been significantly changing in the past few years. The demand and the wish for a beautiful and cozy house is progressively increasing.

Prefabricated Homes Kisiov are appropriate not only for a small one-family home of 40 sq. m., but also for a house with a built-up area of 130 sq. m.

Our business card – a quality without an analogue; short terms of construction; reasonable prices; low costs for mounting and exploitation.

‘We assemble houses, we make homes!’


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