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„Prefabricated Homes Kisiov, reduced prices, save time!“

Prefabricated houses information.

Solution for your housing and other needs at reduced prices. I sell prefabricated houses at reduced prices. Construction takes 5 to 20 days, depending on the project. Our houses are energy-efficient, ready for dry construction. You can choose from a catalogue or present your own design that we discuss together.

The structure of the prefabricated house is metal, developed from wall panels and metal roof trusses, prepared in advance according to a construction project in the builder’s workshop.

The wall panels consist of a supporting metal frame made of thin-walled cold-bent profiles. Insulation is placed between the profiles and the panels are closed on both sides with fiber cement boards. The connections between the individual metal elements are provided by welding seams.

The dimensions of the wall panels are determined by technological requirements (easy installation, weight of the panel, possibilities for transport to the place of installation).

Roof trusses are made entirely of thin-walled cold-bent profiles.

The decision about the structure is made with a software product, working under the finite element method (FEM).

Why prefabricated houses?

– Metal structure

– Quick design and delivery to your site

– Possibility for making a personal design

– You save time, money and nerves

– Our teams are ready to work

– Included bathroom furniture as a gift


Prefabricated Homes Kisov offers prefabricated houses at fixed prices!

– Complete design team

– Act 16 team

– Fixed prices of projects for the municipality authorities provided by our team of fully licensed professionals and members of the Chamber of Architects and the Chamber of Engineers in the Investment Design


You can see the catalogue here: CATALOGUE OF PREFABRICATED HOUSES

Prefabricated houses type: ‘Standard’

Thickness of external walls: 10 cm

Thickness of internal walls: 10 cm

Height: 2.5 m.

Eaves length: 20 cm

Eaves execution: Metal

Door frames type: Metal

Roof type: Trapezoidal

Type of gutters: Metal

Prefabricated houses type: ‘Cosiness’

Thickness of external walls: 14 cm

Thickness of internal walls: 10 cm

Height: 2.8 m

Eaves length: 30 cm

Eaves execution: Betopan

Door frames type: Wooden

Roof type: Metal tiles

Type of gutters: Metal


** The pictures of some projects are illustrative.

What is included in the prices of prefabricated houses?

Stage 1

1. Metal structure
2. Fiber cement and styrofoam panels – 10 cm (it can also be 14 cm)
3. Metal roof structure (trusses)
4. Thermal insulation in the attic space (glass wool – 8 cm)
5. Roofing – metal roof
6. Exterior armored door
7. Interior doors
8. PVC windows with double glazing (5 chambers)
9. Electric installation
10. Electric board for the house
11. Switches, sockets, lighting fixtures
12. Bathroom furniture (toilet seat, toilet seat lid, washbasin, faucets)
13. Delivery of the house to your site
14. Assembling the house on your site to the degree of ‘rough construction‘ (excluding tiles in the bathroom, painting, screed, and flooring)

Stage 2


– Assembly of the structure and the roof by our team

– Laying insulation in the attic space

– Installation of interior doors, windows, and an armored front door

– Wall insulation

– Ceiling to plasterboard

– Walls up to panel or plasterboard level (extra charge for a plasterboard)

– Electrification of the building, with installed switches, sockets, lighting fixtures

– Installed electrical panel in the building


Additional free services:

 – A meeting with an architect

– Assistance for documents

– Personal commitment



The main supporting frame of prefabricated houses consists of a profile made on a roller-forming machine; bearing “H” profiles made of galvanized sheet metal with a roller-forming machine (used for the production of supporting structures).

The horizontal load-bearing structures of the roof, which are made with a roller-forming machine, are used to connect the supporting structures and strengthen the structure.



The methodology for distributing the material of a prefabricated house is prepared using the Sap 2000 calculation method, and the construction is designed in the Autocad program and reproduced as photos. The whole conveyor system consists of special models of galvanized profiles H, C, U, made on the roller-forming machine.



(Height: 2500, 2800 or 3000 mm; Thickness: 140/100/60 mm) Pressing panel

OUTER SURFACE – 8 mm densely cemented chipboard (fiber cement)

INTERNAL SURFACE – 8 mm densely cemented chipboard (fiber cement)

COMBINED ELEMENTS – They are extracted from the roller-forming machine for galvanizing a whole material. INSULATION: 120/80/40 mm thickness, 16 kg / m2



Support structure – The support system with S320 GD + Z, AZ Erdemir quality, with number: 1322, is made of specially designed profiles of galvanized sheet metal.

Longitudinal roof beams – Made of galvanized sheet metal by roller-forming machine (1.2 mm)



Interior doors for prefabricated houses sized 80×198 cm, with a metal frame – American type of door, with left or right handle.


Where can I find more information?




0888262227 – Anton Kisiov


Physical address:

Plovdiv, 2a Antim I Str.


Facebook page:


Youtube channel:


Information about Prefabricated houses – DESCRIPTION


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