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Save time and build a Kisiov prefabricated house within up ten days!

Posted by Anton Kisiov on 26.01.2021
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The very good energy-efficiency and quality distinguishes prefabricated houses from conventional ones.

Prefabricated Homes Kisiov offers a good solution to your housing needs. We have a number of sites throughout the whole Bulgaria.

The structure of the prefabricated house is metal, developed from wall panels and metal roof trusses, prepared in advance according to a construction project in the builder’s workshop.

The wall panels consist of a supporting metal frame made of thin-walled cold-bent profiles. Insulation is placed between the profiles and the panels are closed on both sides with fiber cement boards. The connections between the individual metal elements are provided by welding seams.

The dimensions of the wall panels are determined by technological requirements (ease of installation, weight of the panel, possibilities for transport to the place of installation).

Roof trusses are made entirely of thin-walled cold-bent profiles.

The decision of the construction is made with a software product, working with the finite element method (FEM).

The fast time for delivery and assembly of Prefabricated Homes Kisiov allows you to save time, as well as the various craftsmen who require individual commitment and are very demanding and often change the terms of the agreement.

An interesting feature of Kisiov prefabricated buildings is that they are built extremely quickly, as they use a ready-made structure, which is assembled on-site and wet and slow processes are almost absent. In addition, it is important to note that Kisiov prefabricated houses have a number of advantages that make them much more attractive and even preferred option. One of them is the fact that they are built mostly by a team of workers, which has been a hotly debated issue in past few years, and people are becoming more and more compliant, given the lack of reliable staff and workers.

Kisiov prefabricated houses are very efficient in terms of heat consumption, as they are very well-insulated and reduce the cost of heating in the cold months and of cooling in summer. The speed of construction is also a key advantage of prefabricated houses – as we have already mentioned, it is due to the minimization of wet construction, as well as the fact that the modules are prefabricated.

The external walls are made of panels made of concrete panel on both sides with thermal insulation expanded polystyrene with a coefficient of thermal conductivity λ = 0.035 W / mK with a thickness of 124 mm

Exterior wall metal construction with concrete panel. Heat transfer resistance from the outside Rв = 0,04 m²K / W. Heat transfer resistance from the inside Ri = 0,13 m²K / W. Building element δ λ R m W / mK m²K / W 1. Concrete panel 0,008 1,750 0,005 2. Thermal insulation EPS 0,124 0,035 3,543 3. Concrete panel 0,008 1,750 0,005 Rl = 3,552 R = Rв + Rl + Ri = 3,72 m²K / WU = 0,27 W / m2К U ref. = 0.28 W / m2K.


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