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The choice of joinery of prefabricated houses and stages of construction!

Posted by Anton Kisiov on 27.04.2021
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The most important function of the windows of prefabricated houses is their ability to transmit sunlight. Much more heat is lost through the windows than through the walls, ceiling and floor of any prefabricated house. The windows protect us from street noise and dust. Today, quality windows are an affordable product for a growing part of the population.

The choice of PVC joinery has all the qualities in terms of sealing, maintenance and appearance, but with better thermal characteristics. The PVC joinery of prefabricated houses attracts with its durability and cheap maintenance.

When choosing windows for your prefabricated house, we must pay attention to the fact that this type of joinery is resistant to climate changes and is protected from UV rays.

Prefabricated house windows retain heat better and let in less cold from the outside.

In addition, PVC is durable and convenient for daily use.

The most important factor that determines the quality of PVC windows is the natural light of the rooms where the exhibitions of the prefabricated house will be installed.

The layout of prefabricated houses plays a very important role in the placement of window products.

In bedrooms, for example, the windows should be installed at a certain height of 70-100 cm from the floor, which gives an excellent view.

When choosing plastic windows for prefabricated houses, the height of the product itself should also be taken into account.

Today, PVC materials are most widely used.

Stage 1


  1. Metal construction
  2. Fiber cement and styrofoam panels 10 cm (it can also be 14 cm)
  3. Metal roof construction (trusses)
  4. Thermal insulation in the attic space (glass wool 8 cm)
  5. Roofing – metal roof
  6. Exterior armored door
  7. Interior doors
  8. PVC windows with double glazing (5 cameras)
  9. Electric installation
  10. Switchboard for the house
  11. Paint (interior and exterior)
  12. Switches, wall plugs, lighting fixtures
  13. Bathroom furniture (toilet bowl, toilet bowl lid, sink, faucets)
  14. Delivery of the house to your site
  15. Assembling the house of your site to the degree of ‘rough construction‘(excluding the tiles in the bathroom, painting, screed and flooring)


Stage 2


  • Assembly of the structure, as well as the roof by our team
  • Laying insulation in the attic space
  • Installation of interior doors, windows and armored front door
  • Wall insulation
  • Ceiling to the degree of drywall
  • Walls up to panel or plasterboard level (for plasterboard extra charge)
  • Electrification of the building, with installed switches, wall plugs, lighting fixtures

Installed switchboard in the building

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