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A prefabricated house at a low price outside the big city – a dream or reality

Posted by Anton Kisiov on 02.04.2021
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Prefabricated house at a low price outside the big city – an easy project!

Again, we shall discuss the topic of finding a suitable place to build your home or to provide the desired place to relax outside the noise of the big city.

Life is difficult in most big cities. This is the truth.

Traffic jams are huge – you are literally waiting to get to work, travel is slow. The moment you leave work and feel the city – you have to escape from it. The problem is traveling by public transport – everyone has come up to your head and you cannot move. Air conditioning can’t handle so many people and you’re dying from suffocation or pressure from others, so what happens with the distance we are talking about! The problem is also having a car. Traffic jams are getting bigger and more annoying. The problem is also when you get to the destination – where will you leave the car? God forbid you live in the center. No parking space! There are also paid parking lots, but they have raised the prices a lot and it’s scary to ask about the price for a month. All this is getting more and more stressful. That is why there is an increased demand of living near the big city. People prefer to live in a house – prefabricated, standard, it does not matter; what matters is to have more free space, without any worries, away from the noise and dirt of the big city.

Life in a house

– you get up in the morning and there is no noise from the nearby boulevard, no screaming people and stress. You get in the car and go to the noisy life, as in the evening you rest again. And the prices are much lower. You can buy a property for a very low price, while the apartments in the city are outrageously expensive. So you make several strokes with just one choice.

That is why people are redirected to nearby villages and smaller towns. Some time ago, people wanted to come to the city, now they want to escape from it. And we’re not just talking about the elderly. We are also talking about young and middle-aged people who have a car and can move quickly to the big city and their workplace. What could be more wonderful than that? Public transport is also developing and even if you do not want to drive or do not have this opportunity, daily travel is not a problem.

Advantages for rural living:

  • Quiet, healthy and calm rhythm of life.
  • More friendly and easy-going people (neighbors), more responsive, with more trust in each other.
  • Less air pollution, which is definitely of great importance, especially car pollution, cleaner streets, parks and gardens.
  • Greater security for children, as well as greater freedom to play outside in the yard.
  • Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden, as well as clean, home-made and quality meat, and dairy products from farmed animals.
  • Working in the countryside will teach children to work and be more When they work and help, they understand that the only way to succeed is through labour; they will be more motivated and hard-working.
  • People who have lived in the countryside all their lives and love to live in the countryside believe that they can do without problems and without all the variety of services, goods and amenities of the city.


Concentration and migration

of the population has always been and will be changed in this aspect. The fact is, however, that property prices are rising steadily and there this trend does not seem to be changing soon. Various experts have identified the pandemic as a factor that has changed demand. It is already aimed at less popular places so far – in the suburbs, villages around big cities, by the sea, and in mountainous areas.

Homes Kisiov


When buying a home details,

which seemed negligibly small become relevant. The air, the greenery, the opportunity to have a hobby outside the four walls of the home affect the choice. That is why, it is no coincidence that the ‘citizens‘ turn to rural properties. Investors even note that buyers’ preferences are for larger windows!

We at Prefabricated Homes Kisiov will build your prefabricated house quickly and efficiently.

Browse our catalog and choose the right house for your needs and expectations.

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