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Life in a prefabricated houses out of the chaos of the city

Posted by Anton Kisiov on 25.03.2021
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Life in a prefabricated house, out of the chaos of the city or what ‘downshifting’ means

 Last year showed that no matter how hard we try to control the events in our lives, sometimes there are unpredictable events that completely change the lifestyle and routine we live in. Being closed at home not only made us more harmful to external factors, but it also showed us another projection of our lifestyle. It turned out that home is not only a place where we go to eat, have a bath, and go to sleep, but it is our small personal fortress, which provides us security, comfort, and convenience.

Why do we decide to slow down or go ‘downshifting’?

A quick look in the Internet will give us an answer to the question what ‘downshifting’ means and whether it is applicable in Bulgaria. What can we find under the term ‘downshifting’ (this can be interpreted as the adoption of a slower pace of life) and the choice to live out of the busy city, calmer, in our own home? This term is applicable for a social behavior in which people adapt to a simple life and escape from what critics call ‘rat race’ (meaning unscrupulous race). Here, the construction of a prefabricated house is a key factor. This new social trend emphasized on the improvement of the balance between work and life. In the 1990s, this form of simple life started to appear in the media and became popular in the developed countries.

сглобяеми къщи извън града


In Bulgaria, downshifting is expressed in the escape from the noisy life in a flat in a big city and moving to a house in the countryside. Here is the moment to start thinking why not choosing a prefabricated house. It is not necessary to have a house which is too far away from the city. On the contrary, villages close to big cities offer the balance between the closeness to nature, breathing fresh air and having your autonomy, and, meanwhile, having a quick access to all the amenities of the city. Certainly, it is necessary to be close to the city. If you wish, we will deliver and install your prefabricated house, even in more difficult and ‘wild’ places. The choice of a location is yours and prefabricated houses are our duty.

What kind of people have chosen downshifting as their lifestyle and why do they adopt this change?

‘Too many people spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t want to impress people they don’t like.’ – Will Rogers.

Probably this quote is the basis of the decision of changing your way of lifestyle. Living in a house with a yard, the people who have decided to escape from the big city have the opportunity to produce fruit and vegetables for personal use, even when they take care of pets or other domestic animals. This transition to a limited consumption reflects as a lower ecological footprint. There is nothing better than being aware of what you eat. Moreover, the pleasure of producing it yourself is incredible.


Жовот в сглобяема къща

Home, family, relations, the balance between career and personal life, the escape from unnecessary material possessions are the ground of the philosophy of people who have chosen this way of lifestyle. They do not stop living. On the contrary, they lead a meaningful life focused on essential things. These people work to live, not the opposite; they make their lifestyle simpler and take the maximum of their time. Why do you have to wait so many years and save money to start the construction of a house, when you can get a prefabricated house in accordance to your design, at a far smaller investment?

If you are tired of the urban noise,

the tension in work, and juggling with all your engagements, it is high time to get to know our offers for the optimization of your way of living.

We, from Prefabricated Homes Kisiov, respect the wish of each one of you to live under their imaginary rules and we try to offer you the option that is most suitable for you. Considering the constantly increasing prices of properties in the country, we aim to offer the lowest possible prices of prefabricated houses, which does not make a compromise with the quality in any way. The number of constructed houses and satisfied clients prove this.

We may offer ready designs, which match your wishes. If you do not like them, we can turn your dream house into reality, with an individual design of a prefabricated house, so that it can meet all your expectations. We are here to give an answer to all you questions regarding price, documents, conditions, construction, conclusion of a transaction, etc.

We work with one team during all the stages of constructing a prefabricated house, which, besides being with a modern vision, is also energy-efficient. The regions with difficult access are not a problem for the delivery of prefabricated houses.

Ask for the change you need. We are here to make your dreams come true within a term that will surprise you, so that you feel the maximum joy of life.


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