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About the home, the house, and the right of choice

Posted by Anton Kisiov on 12.04.2021
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The respect to the home and house are fundamental Bulgarian traditions. Even on holidays, like Christmas Eve, a piece is torn from the ritual bread in honour of the house. Probably this folk psychology is the reason why Bulgarians take the first places in the statistics of owning a property. The purchase of a property may not only be urgent, but it may also be an investment goal. Yet, what happens when you go looking for a property – you have made a detailed study of the property market; you have analyzed the pros and cons of the properties with old and new construction; you have made a distribution of the available funds; and, finally, you have made your choice to buy new construction.

You have chosen a flat instead of a house and it meets your requirements, but…, you go and see the dwelling place you have chosen and you immediately find out that the surface area is not the same as the actual surface reported on-site. Usually, the floorage of the dwelling place is less than the one offered by the investor. The formation of the total surface area of the building reflects all the details located within in – dwelling places, studios, shops, offices, warehouses, over-ground garages, etc. Then, what are your options – new construction for which you pay an area you do not know about? This is not a choice, it is an obligation and you cannot avoid it! The case is the same with a purchase of a house in a closed residential complex.

What do you pay and what do you receive if you decide to invest in a prefabricated house?

First, you have the right to choose! You can choose whether you prefabricated house be your main home or such used only for holidays. The construction of such a house does not depend on the terrain you have chosen to build on – it does not matter whether it is close to a big city or in a remote place – it is not a problem to have the home you want. Square area and distribution of the rooms – precisely and clearly described and designed in the most practical way. However, if our preliminary designs do not meet all your wishes, you have a choice – you receive a house under your design – just as you need it. Panel thickness – you choose between 10 cm and 14 cm. Prefabricated Homes Kisiov offers not only one-floor but also two-floor houses, so you have a great choice. The ratio between quality and reasonable price is not at the expense of the quality in any way.

When you receive your desired house, what remains is only you and your choice!

The interior and the exterior are totally in your hands – whether you want to have curtains or even blinds – the choice is yours. Prefabricated Homes Kisiov gives you the opportunity for installation of both versions. Laminate, parquet, tiles, or another type of flooring – you choose what you like. Heating – on the first place, your prefabricated house is energy-efficient and the choice of a heating system is at your discretion. You like relaxing on a verandah and enjoying nice weather – arrange it the way you like it! You feel nostalgic to your childhood dreams and the colourful garden in the countryside – prefabricated houses are a wonderful option both for simple exteriors and for brave landscape solutions. Stamped concrete, alleys, stone flooring, pavement tiles, greenery, colourful plants, garden lighting – the choice is unlimited. Create your warm family place where you can input what you like and make it in the way you see it!

The investment in property is a sensible investment!

In these times of global pandemic, people are looking for safety about their funds. With the lack of other alternatives and the zero, even negative interests on deposits, dwelling places are a good investment. In the first three months of 2021, the completed transactions are more than the same period of 2020 and 2019. This fact inevitably leads to increased prices. If you have the feeling that the time of the record lowest interests on mortgage loans has been expiring, then it is the time to invest. Prefabricated Homes Kisiov has concluded loan agreements with three banks, which gives you the choice and opportunity for mortgage loans. The branch of the local residential market is expecting up to 20% increase in the prices of properties during the next few years. Whether you think that a home is bought for life or you are thinking of regular changes – this is the time to take action!


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